Workday's Commitment to Security

posted Dec 18, 2014, 9:18 AM by

As with any project that involves third-party data management, we understand that people have concerns about the security and privacy of College information that is stored in the cloud.

We want to reassure everyone that Workday provides robust and reliable security for all of their customers. Our information will be protected by their security policies and procedures, which have been reviewed by our team, and have been found to meet and exceed data security requirements set forth by Simmons College and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In fact, Workday uses the same information security standards used by banks and other financial institutions. If you feel comfortable banking online and through your bank’s app, then you should feel comfortable with Workday.

In addition, Workday encourages transparency by frequently releasing third-party compliance audits and by maintaining a publicly-availableprivacy policy. Workday also participates in internationally recognized security certifications, including:

Beyond the security measures put in place by Workday, you have the added benefit of the Simmons College Information Security Policy, as well as additional steps you can take, like preventing unauthorized access to information by keeping your password private and logging out of systems when you’re not using them.

We want you to feel secure when you access, add, and change information in Workday. Please reach out to us if you have specific questions that are not addressed here.