Workday Student gives us an opportunity to implement a modern platform for all student information that can meet the University's need for flexibility and growth. Workday Student allows students, faculty, and staff to take advantage of features that improve access to information, communication, and the overall user experience. Students will enjoy mobile capabilities, alerts and reminders, while faculty and staff will have access to dashboards and reporting. This fully integrated technology platform will improve consistency and streamline business processes to better support the educational mission of Simmons University.


  • Ease of access for tasks

  • Mobile device access

  • Registration

Coming Soon

  • Grades, and transcripts

  • Academic plan development

  • Degree requirements progress tracking


  • Class rosters and photos

  • Mobile device access

  • Unified Workday experience with HR and Finance

  • Role-based access to key data

Coming Soon

  • Grading


  • Student academic and financial records processing

  • Manage student holds

  • Improved process routing between student facing offices

  • Role-based access to key data

  • Opportunities to expand self-service reporting

Fall 2021 Registration Guides

Course Sections and Rosters

Student Records, Advising, and Curriculum

Accessing Workday Student

Workday Student is available at, where you can log in using your Simmons username and password.

Workday Student Demo & Guides

  1. View/Update Contact/Emergency Information

Please note: when adding a contact to "friends and family" you must select the relationship type of "emergency contact." Workday will return an error until the field emergency contact is selected.

  1. View/Update Personal Information

  2. View Registration Priority

  3. Register for a Course

  4. Create a Saved Schedule of Preferred Sections

Explore more student HOW DO I... user guides:


Multiple training sessions for faculty, staff, and students will be offered throughout April and May. The initial focus is supporting student registration for Fall 2021, however broader information and training sessions will be added in the Spring and Summer.

Please see Workday Student Training for additional information, including upcoming Student Registration Sessions and Faculty Information Sessions.

FAQs for Workday Student

General Information

Q: What is Workday Student?

Workday Student is our new Student Information System (SIS) which the University community will use to manage student records, academic programs, student course registrations, course grading, student financial services, degree conferral and transcript information.

Workday Student will be replacing AARC (Colleague) in a phased approach between March 1st and October.

Q: When will I have access to Workday Student?

A: All Fall 2021 registrations will be in Workday, but the timing for when students register for Fall courses varies by program. Students will be able to register for their Fall 2021 semesters beginning March 2021. Billing and payments for the Fall 2021 semester will be available through Workday in June.

Q: What systems will be impacted by this change?

A: Workday Student is expected to impact most core systems and business processes either directly or indirectly. Workday Student is replacing Colleague and AARC. Other systems - including Moodle and Starfish - will continue to be used.

Q: How will I register for Spring and Summer 2021 classes?

A: Students will continue to register for their Spring and Summer 2021 semesters using AARC - as they have done for previous registrations. The first term available through Workday will be the Fall 2021 semester.

Q: How can I prepare for Workday Student?

A: If you are a member of the Simmons community who is not directly involved in the project, the biggest way that you can help is to stay up-to-date with project communications. We will use this website, email, and other platforms to communicate campus-wide, including timelines, training information and opportunities to preview and test new functionality.

Training sessions for Faculty and Students will be made available prior to the opening of Student Registration in March. Please stay tuned!

Q: How are we protecting our data?

A: A goal of the Workday Student Project is to deliver a tool where data is safe and secure. Workday Student, a fully integrated platform designed specifically for the Cloud, protects the privacy and the integrity of our data. It offers a single security model for data, transactions, and processing, with streamlined administration. All data are encrypted and audit capabilities are built into the application. The launch of Workday Student further protects data by eliminating the need for shadow databases and off-line processing.

Q: Who can I contact with questions about Workday Student?

A: Questions regarding the Workday Student Project should be directed to

Onboarding and Contact Information

Please note: when adding a contact to "friends and family" you must select the relationship type of "emergency contact." Workday will return an error until the field emergency contact is selected.

Q: How do I add emergency contact information?

A. Emergency contact information is entered as part of "Continuing Student Onboarding". The step is called "Friends and Family." When filling out the information be sure to select the relationship type of "Emergency Contact." You can select multiple relationship types for the same person, so you can check both "parent" and "emergency contact," for example.

Q: I have entered an emergency contact, why am I getting an emergency contact error?

A: When you first enter someone to "Friends and Family" you must select the relationship type of "emergency contact." Workday will return an error until the field emergency contact is selected.

If you've already entered the contacts, and need to add the designation emergency contact, choose "edit friends and family" from the Actions drop down on the right. Then, in first box - Relationship Type - select emergency contact.