New Program of Study Setup Process

This page contains information about the process of adding new programs into Simmons systems after they are approved by the Graduate or Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. This process has changed in 2023; please email with any questions.

Our priorities:

Important Deadlines

Visual workflow of the new program of study setup process

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Program of Study Support Sheet

This document includes all of the questions which will ultimately be needed to set up your program in Simmons systems. We recommend using the Support Sheet as a resource during the program design process. The worksheet includes regulatory, administrative, and technical factors which may inform a successful program design. Reviewing this document in advance can help catch and resolve potential issues with a program structure being federally compliant, aid eligible, or other concerns. Each question lists a contact office if you have questions or need assistance.

You will fill out the New Program of Setup Form after the program has been approved by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee or Graduate Curriculum Committee. The form contains the same questions from the Support Sheet.

Program of Study Support Sheet (Google Doc)

Program of Study Setup Request Form

Submit this form once your program is approved by UCC or GCC. Once received, the Registrar's Office and other departments which administratively support academic programs will begin to set up your program in Simmons systems. We will let you know if there are any additional questions.

If you are not sure how to answer any questions, please reach out to the contacts indicated in the New Program of Study Support Sheet. Please do not submit "unknown," "to be determined," or leave questions blank unless they do not apply. Incomplete requests could delay program creation or lead to inaccuracies in program setup.

Program of Study Setup Request Form (Google Form)

What to Expect

Your form submission will be reviewed at a weekly meeting of the Workday Student Cross-Functional Team. We may reach out with follow-up questions. You will be notified when the program has been set up. At this point, the program will exist in Slate (recruiting and admissions software), PowerFAIDS (financial aid platform), and Workday (student information system).

If the submission requires changes to the University Catalog or new or changed courses and academic requirements, you will continue to work with the Registrar's Office on those updates. This work will take place after the program has been set up in these systems.

If you have questions about the overall process or the status of your submissions, please contact For questions about individual areas of the form, please contact the office specified on the support sheet.