Find Course Sections

Find Course Sections available to Students

There multiple screens which display the course sections for each semester to students. Each screen is designed for different student populations to show only relevant courses. They can also be used by faculty to view available course section offerings and information about each section.

Access these reports using the Instructor worklet. If you are an instructor, this will be accessible when you click on the navigation menu, labeled "Menu" and generally seen in the top-left corner of the screen. It may also be in Your Top Apps when you first sign into Workday.

Screenshot of the menu icon and Simmons logo

Access the navigation Menu on the top left hand corner of the screen.

Screenshot of the apps tab of the navigation menu

If you are assigned to courses as Instructor, you should see the Instructor worklet under the Apps tab. Other options will vary.

Screenshot of the my top apps panel

Instructor may also be one of your Top Apps available on the first page when you sign into Workday.

Screenshot of the Course Schedules tab on the Instructor dashboard.

The Instructor dashboard displays many useful resources. By default, it will display the Courses and Grading menu. Click on the Course Schedules tab instead.

Reports of available courses will fall into the following categories, depending on where students would find them:

  • Find (Semester) Traditional Course Sections - Courses on the traditional calendar

  • Find @Simmons Sept/Jan/May Course Sections

  • Find @Simmons Nov/Mar/July Course Sections

  • Find NECC Course Sections

  • Find (Semester) CompleteDegree Course Sections

  • Find MPH@Simmons Course Sections

You may need to click on More to see the full list of available reports.