Submit Student Grades

Submit Student Grades

Workday will allow you to assign student grades once the grading period has begin. First you will need to access the instructor Worklet. If you are an instructor, this will be accessible when you click on the navigation menu, labeled "Menu" and generally seen in the top-left corner of the screen. It may also be in Your Top Apps when you first sign into Workday.

Screenshot of the menu icon and Simmons logo

Access the navigation Menu on the top left hand corner of the screen.

Screenshot of the apps tab of the navigation menu

If you are assigned to courses as Instructor, you should see the Instructor worklet under the Apps tab. Other options will vary.

Screenshot of the my top apps panel

Instructor may also be one of your Top Apps available on the first page when you sign into Workday.

To assign a full roster of grades at the same time, click on the Assign Student Grades for Student Course Section link under My Courses.

A pop-up labeled Assign Student Grades for Student Course Section will prompt you to select the Student Course Section.

The easiest way to select which section to grade will be to select:

  • My Assigned Course Sections >

  • Your Chosen Semester >

  • Course Section

You will see a grid of all students enrolled in the course as well as a drop-down to select Final Grade.

When selecting a grade of “I” for incomplete, you will be prompted to enter a grade note and a due date. (The grade “I” should not be selected for @Simmons online programs.)

If a student is registered for the class as pass/fail, the pass/fail grading option will automatically populate for that student.

Grades are submitted by choosing the Submit button.

Once submitted, grades are immediately available to students.

Choosing Save for Later will allow you to return to the gradebook at a later time, however grades are not submitted. You will need to return to click Submit before the grading period closes.

Submitted grades cannot be changed through Workday by the instructor. If you need to change grades with the "Posted" checkbox selected, please see the Grade Change policy.

Important Grading Notes

  • Although Workday allows you to save your grading progress using the “save for later” button, saved grades have not been submitted. You must return to the grade roster and select “submit.”

  • If you want to confirm that your grades were submitted, simply return to the grade roster for that course. A checkbox will be displayed beside submitted grades under the column heading “Posted.” Once a grade has been submitted, the student’s registration status on the class roster will also change from “registered” to “completed.”

  • All students on your roster must have a grade entered at the end of the semester. If a student has not attended your class but is still on your roster, you must submit a grade of "F" for the student. The Registrar's Office contacts students who are appearing on rosters but not attending classes with instructions on how to drop said classes early in the semester. If they have not dropped the course, they must receive a grade for the course.

  • The grade “I” for incomplete should not be selected for @Simmons online programs. Please reach out to the Registrar’s Office for questions regarding the Simmons Grading Policy.

  • Students enrolled in Labs will be assigned a grade of “NG” for successful completion of the course. No action is required on the part of instructors for Labs.