View Your Teaching Schedule

View Your Teaching Schedule

Workday will automatically generate a list of all courses you have been assigned as an instructor for a given semester.

Access these rosters using the Instructor worklet. If you are an instructor, this will be accessible when you click on the navigation menu, labeled "Menu" and generally seen in the top-left corner of the screen. It may also be in Your Top Apps when you first sign into Workday.

Screenshot of the menu icon and Simmons logo

Access the navigation Menu on the top left hand corner of the screen.

Screenshot of the apps tab of the navigation menu

If you are assigned to courses as Instructor, you should see the Instructor worklet under the Apps tab. Other options will vary.

Screenshot of the my top apps panel

Instructor may also be one of your Top Apps available on the first page when you sign into Workday.

This will bring you to the instructor dashboard with two tabs: Courses and Grading, and Course Schedules.

Screenshot of the Courses and Grading tab of the Instructor dashboard.

Click on the View My Teaching Schedule link under My Courses. A pop-up will appear asking you to select the desired Academic Period (semester).

Screenshot of the View My Teaching Schedule pop-up

You should only see Academic Periods in which you have taught courses.

Use the menu options to navigate to the semester you are looking for:

  • Current Periods - Semesters which are happening now (not upcoming)

  • Past Periods - Semesters which have concluded

  • Future Periods - Semesters which are upcoming

If you do not see an Academic Period in the category you expect, please check the other categories. This will only show Academic Periods after Fall 2021.

Your list of assigned courses for the Academic Period will be displayed on a grid.

Screenshot of the View My Teaching Schedule grid.

Notes on the Teaching Schedule display:

  • You will only see courses in which you are an assigned instructor.

  • If the Course Section has multiple rows, this is because it meets multiple times a week at different times. See the Calculus I example above.

  • Clicking only the Number of Enrolled Students will only show the student names. To see more information, access the Course Roster.

  • Columns will appear blank if the contents have not yet been put into Workday, for example the Location of the Research in Cognitive Process Lab above.

  • If you do not see the courses you expect, please reach out to